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Masjid Nursery Stands For Quality, Sustainability and outstanding management practices with regards to A-Z in horticultural arrangements and activities. Our aim is to seek assignments in project management, operations, horticultural development activities involving establishment of Golf-courses, high-value horticulture business, greening and plantation of large industrial establishments, townships and housing complexes strategic maintenance, methods and systems, landscaping and horticulture development of Public/Private parks and farm-houses; with an eye to achieve excellence in our work place.

Masjid Nursery was founded by late Sh. Munni lal saini in the month of April 1948 it had a modest beginning by growing and selling cut flowers to a handful of embassies and hotels.

Sh. Munni lal saini did not have any degree in the field of business management but he had a vision of establishing a chain of nursery/flower shops in Delhi. It is only because of his fore sightness , apart from having Masjid Nursery he also opened a flower shop in Ashoka hotel, second one in Claridges hotel and kamal Nursery at sujan singh park, khan market. Today his vision stands with us and acts like a guiding beacon. We are proud to say that today Masjid Nursery undertakes any and every type of horticultural activities, landscape development and project maintenance activities.

Masjid Nursery is situated at the corner of Pandara road opposite golf links. It houses all types of indoor plants outdoor trees, shrubs and bushes including all type of seeds, seedlings, and potted seasonal flowers and vegetables with all garden tools and implements making it the first nursery in the country to have a complete garden centre. It provided to its customers all there horticultural requirements under one roof.

Masjid Nursery has a very strong organization where we have trainee gardener to highly professional horticulturist to landscape architects working as a close well-defined team of outstanding expertise and skills to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. Our team is headed by Mr. Kamal Kishore Saini, managing director masjid nursery. He ably aided by his son Mr. Vikram Saini, director, Mr. A.K Mathur incharge project development, landscape design and architects Mr. Sunil and Akash Sharma, Mr. O.P Saini and Mr. Rajesh Batra as managers, assisted by 14 skilled supervisors who in turn keep a strong eye on 45 fully skilled gardeners and over a work force of over 200 workers. We also have a 5acre farm at dera mandi, at the outskirts of New Delhi where propagation and development of plants and plantation activities takes place. Our infrastructure also include two 7-ton vehicles and one each of 5 and 3-ton which makes us totally mobile for sending material and man-power as and where required.

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