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Balsam (Seeds)


Balsam requires 60 to 70 days from sowing to produce flowers, so an early start is essential. Learn how to grow balsam and enjoy these lovely colorful flowers through the end of the season. Try growing Balsam plants from seed if you have a long growing season, or pick them up at your favorite nursery. Balsam plant care is trouble-free due to its resistance to many common garden pests.

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  • The best part of the plant is the process of scattering seeds from their seed pods. The plants burst and scatter their seeds far away and thus propagation.
  • Care of Balsam plant in container-  Plant grows and blooms during summers and beginnings of rains. The balsam plant does not tolerate more water and grows best in hard and firm soil. The roots spread fast and cover the ground and are not very deep. The plant grows best on slopes and borders of any landscape. The balsam plants are selected for the colourful show they give.
  • The seed pods when matured will burst open anytime and hence you have to collect the seeds when the pod looks mature and on touch they burst open scattering seeds. The seeds can be grown like any other plant grown from seed using small containers and having damp soil at first producing a high moisture environment.
  • Avoid over watering and have a well draining soil. The plant also will benefit when grown in conditions where it receives sunlight for few hours of the day.
  • The balsam plants flower in many colours and the pink, magenta and red being the most sought after colours by gardeners.

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