Folding Pruning Saw

Folding Pruning Saw

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Folding Pruning Saw


Having sampled a lot of products on the market, I’ve found very little difference in capability between models. Generally speaking, a pruning saw will cut through branches 1/2 inch wide up to about 5 inches, after which a chainsaw comes into play.

Trees and plants are exceptionally good at healing themselves. After the branch has been cut, the wounded area is slowly covered by a callus to protect against decay. You can limit the possibility of damaging the tree by using a proper 3-cut method and by leaving a small collar (branch collar) protruding from the trunk.

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This Power Tooth Softgrip Folding Saw from Fiskars features a razor-sharp, triple-ground blade that makes aggressive cuts to help you power through thick branches faster. The saw blade locks in 2 different open positions, so whether you’re making overhand cuts or undercuts, you still have maximum cutting Power and control. Softgrip touch points provide a comfortable, secure grip no matter which way you’re cutting and our pruning saw even folds and locks for space-saving storage and safe transportation.

  • Folding blade locks in 2-different open positions, optimized for overhand cuts and undercuts
  • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even though heavy use
  • Soft grip touch points enhance comfort and control
  • Lifetime warranty

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